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Saubashya Sur

Ciao, I am Saubashya. Currently I am working as a Research assistant. My area of interest is bioinformatics study of nitrogen fixing microorganisms. I am focusing on the codon usage, molecular phylogeny and modeling of nitrogen fixing genes and proteins. I have developed two software for codon usage and molecular phylogeny analysis. I have worked with genomes and proteomes of, Bradyrhizobium, Frankia, Azotobacter, Chlorobium, Rhizobium, methanogens etc. and molecular modeling of Frankia Nif proteins. In future I would like to work upon drug designing. Presently I am in Umea, Sweden at Umea University. e-mail: saubashya_007@yahoo.com


Subarna Thakur

Hello,  I am Subarna and working as a CSIR Senior Research Fellow in Bioinformatics Facilitry, NBU. My Ph.D work involves in-silico modeling of nitrogenase proteins and their structure-based phylogenetic studies from various nitrogen fixing microbes. I am currently investigating the molecular dynamics of nitrogenase proteins using various software tools like Gromacs and Charmm. Presently I am the UGC Meritorious Fellow at Department of Botany, NBU. e-mail: thakur.subarna@yahoo.co.in

Arvind K Goyal

Hi, this is Arvind, working as UGC Meritorius Fellow at Department of Botany. My area of specialization includes the codon usage pattern analysis of some pathogenic bacteria with special reference to Brucella. I am also involved in designing a bamboo database of North Bengal. I have also worked on BAMBOOINFOLINE, the first database on North Bengal bamboos. e-mail: avind.nbu@gmail.com

Tanmayee Mishra

I have joined BIF-NBU in the fall of 2008 as a PhD student. I am interested in the members of Angiospermic family Cannaceae. Presently I am studying the molecular diversity of different ornamental canna varieties. e-mail: tanmayeemishra@yahoo.co.in

Ayan Roy

Hi, I am Ayan. Presently I am working as a Research associate at the Bioinformatics Facility, NBU. My research work deals with exploring the codon usage patterns and unraveling the complex mechanisms exhibited by the large pool of gut probiotic bacteria in human host and hence providing immune-modulation against pathogenic microbes. In future I would like to implement proper probiotic formulations that would benefit the food industry. e-mail: ayanroy.bio@gmail.com

Sanghati Bhattacharya

Hi, myself Sanghati, working as trainee at Bioinformatics facility, NBU. Recently I am working in developing a database called ‘MycoSec’. This is a database for Mycobacterium secretome analysis, which I think will help in understanding the Host-pathogen interaction in a better way.
e-mail: sanghatibhattacharya@gmail.com

Manas Ranjan Saha

Hi, I’m Manas and working as a research scholar in Dept. of Botany, NBU. I have already worked as project Scientist under a DST project, Govt. of W.B. on Medicinal & Aromatic Plants of Malda and Uttar Dinajpur districts. Now, I’m investigating on medicinal and molecular documentation of Mimosaceae and also working on anti-diabetic property and anticancer effect of a few Medicinal Plants. e-mail-manas.bot@gmail.com

Krishanu Ghosh

I am Krishanu. I am the Data Entry operator of the centre. Besides dealing with large amount of data I also look after the Official parts. e-mail: babanghosh2109@gmail.com

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