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Mycobacterium bovis AF2122/97   

Mycobacterium bovis causes tuberculosis mainly in cattle but has a broad host range and causes disease similar to that caused by M. tuberculosis in humans. It belongs to the M. tuberculosis complex (MTBC) that comprises the closely related human pathogens M. tuberculosis and M. africanum. Identification of M. bovis traditionally has been based on clear-cut differences in phenotypic characteristics and biochemical properties when compared to the other members of the MTBC. M. bovis shows a dysgonic colony shape on Lowenstein-Jensen medium, is negative for niacin accumulation and nitrate reduction, is susceptible to thiophene-2-carboxylic acid hydrazide (TCH), and shows microaerophilic growth on Lebek medium. The Mycobacterium bovis AF2122/97 genome was sequenced by the Sanger Institute and Institut Pasteur and has a total of 3920 genes.




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