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Mycobacterium massiliense GO 06


Mycobacterium massiliense is an infective species of the genus Mycobacterium. M. massiliense was isolated from pulmonary sample of a patient suffering with pacemaker pocket infection (Viana-Niero et al., 2008). The species has a high GC content of around 64.18 % (http://img.jgi.doe.gov/cgi-bin/w/main.cgi). M. massiliense is human pathogen associated with skin infection producing red nodules and papules on forearm and hand of patients (Nakanaga et al., 2011).

NAKANAGA, K., HOSHINO, Y., ERA, Y., MATSUMOTO, K., KANAZAWA, Y., TOMITA, A., et al. (2011). Multiple cases of cutaneous Mycobacterium massiliense infection in a "hot spa" in Japan. Journal of clinical microbiology 49, 613-617.

VIANA-NIERO, C., LIMA, K.V.R.B., LOPES, M.L., DA SILVA RABELLO, M.C., MARSOLA, L.R., BRILHANTE, V.N.C.R., et al. (2008). Molecular characterization of Mycobacterium massiliense and Mycobacterium bolletii in isolates collected from outbreaks of infections after laparoscopic surgeries and cosmetic procedures. Journal of clinical microbiology 46, 850-855.



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