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Mycobacterium tuberculosis CTRI-2


Mycobacterium tuberculosis CTRI-2 is a drug susceptible strain of M. tuberculosis that was isolated from Russia (Ilina et al., 2013). The genome is a GC rich one with 65.60% GC content (http://img.jgi.doe.gov/cgi-bin/w/main.cgi). Comparative studies of this particular strain with drug resistant strains of M. tuberculosis cancertainly lead to proper understanding of disease resistance mechanisms of M. tuberculosis.



ILINA, E.N., SHITIKOV, E.A., IKRYANNIKOVA, L.N., ALEKSEEV, D.G., KAMASHEV, D.E., MALAKHOVA, M.V., et al. (2013). Comparative Genomic Analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Drug Resistant Strains from Russia. PLOS ONE 8, e56577.




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